David Bowie Autograph from 1963 to 2015


About the autographs on this site

 To many, David Bowie was the most significant rock star. He was certainly one of the most influential artists EVER (along with Chuck Berry, Elvis, the Beatles and the Stones). 

I have collected David Bowie's autograph since 1978  and have obtained several in person as well as being gifted many signed promos.

I have only been burnt by purchasing very clever fakes twice - and that was twice too many.

The main purpose of this site is to help Bowie fans and collectors of his signed memorabilia by illustrating the evolving style of his signature through showcasing over 1000 GENUINE autographs and handwriting samples in the galleries and letters in the BLOG section. 

If this site helps anybody who is unsure what to look for (in a Bowie signature) and stops them from buying fake Bowie signed memorabilia, then it is partly  doing the job it was intended to do. The forgers are driving down the price of Bowie's autograph as well as killing the magic of owning his genuine memorabilia. Many, many thousands of people have fake unknowingly got Bowie signed memorabilia on their walls.

I have been asked "isn't this site helping educate fakers to get better" at their  attempts? - my answer is no because only one person could  do David Bowie's autograph, and he sadly is no longer with us. 

Nobody can ever sign it exactly the way Bowie did (but they sometimes come close).

High repetition of autographs from certain years on this site

Bowie was both a generous and prolific signer. If you were very lucky and he had time, he would sometimes add a personalised note - mainly of thanks or best wishes for being a supporter.

His autograph could change significantly, sometimes within seconds (see this example:  https://davidbowieautograph.com/blog/f/variation-of-signature-within-30-seconds ). Other huge variations occurred in mass signings such as when signing 175 limited edition lithograph prints for his Bowieart.com site or signing Isolar compliment slips accompanying the 1993 Black Tie White Noise promos. Another example of large signature variance is shown clearly in the 2013 Man Who Fell to Earth trading cards.

There could be significant swings in style during the same year, particularly when he was more accessible to fans and had to sign hurriedly or on the move.  These variances cause confusion to a potential buyer, which is why some years on this site have many signatures from the same year to compare against.

Buyer Beware - Caveat Emptor

A few tips when buying a David Bowie autograph via an auction or on a memorabilia website.

  • There are very rarely bargains to be had as far as Bowie's autograph is concerned.

  • On the odd occasion,  an unsuspecting seller offers a genuine Bowie signature at a silly buy it now price - it has happened, but  it is rare and they are snapped up in seconds. 

  • At the other end of the scale, many sellers do not understand why their very highly priced authentic autograph has no interest or is failing to receive offers. Like many things, what a seller may value their item at, and what the public are willing to pay can often be miles apart.

  • Just because the price is high does NOT make it genuine, which is where the buyer needs to be really cautious -  whether on an auction site or a memorabilia specialist shop.

It's obvious but:

  • Do your research, if you are "not sure" about the authenticity of a signature -  ask other people what their thoughts are. Spend time googling the artists autograph on Google Images -  but of course be aware Google images also contains many fake autograph examples too!  Contact me - it's free.

  • Ask questions before parting with your cash...do your homework but if a genuine Bowie autograph is being offered as a buy it now option for less than £200/$250 - alarm bells should be ringing.

    There is nothing worse than discovering you have bought a fake with little or no recourse (and believe me, many autograph sellers make customers crawl over broken glass before refunding cash - usually only after a significant legal threat!) regarding their pretend David Bowie autograph

Salient Tips for the Bowie Collector (Nuances to look for)

1. Bowie was left handed. When signing an LP or photo, a David Bowie signature (almost always) tilts downwards FROM LEFT TO RIGHT with the B on the left being higher. There are a few exceptions (ie when signing prints etc when it is often level). Rarely does Bowie sign upwards, as right-handers tend to do.

2. The date can also help determine the authenticity. Bowie's distinctive numbers are 4,5,7 and 8.  His 9's always changed depending on urgency.  Forgers have failed to work this out...look closely at the way he writes his numbers in the galleries as well as looking at the size of the numerals.

3. The bigger the space to sign, the larger the David Bowie autograph.  Dependent on time, mood and  surface (or lack of) to sign on , Bowie's autograph would tend to be big when given a big area to sign (LP/Poster) and sometimes crammed  small on a photo. Sometimes there are slight variances  when connecting the letters together, for instance when he doesn't join the B to the O as a continuation. This is rare but was prominent  in 1983, 1995  and occasionally thereafter.

4. It is unusual to see an undated Bowie signature after 1975 unless he was in a pressurised huddle of autograph hunters or literally signing while walking. I estimate that less than 10% of David Bowie signed items where left undated, but of course, they are out there as can be seen in the galleries.

5.  Bowie signed as "Bo" and year for fans, "David B" for friends/associates and employees and "David R Jones" for legal contracts/letters etc.  It was VERY unusual to see him sign David Bo (or Bowie) post 1975 although there are some rare exceptions.

6.  Bowie had favourite areas to sign on different LP sleeves - generally he signed in the same areas throughout his career. Check the galleries  and BLOG to see this.

7. Huge variations could occur depending on the surface Bowie was signing on. You will see major differences in Bowie's signature for the same year - what you cannot be aware of is if he was signing on a table, signing to someone proffering an outstretched piece of paper or in the middle of a "scrum" being jostled by fans. As mentioned earlier, the numbers he writes for the year can help enormously to check authenticity.

8. Personalised messages and salutations. As mentioned, if he had the time  and there was space to do so, Bowie  would often write a message. His hand writing is very distinctive and there are quite a few examples in the galleries and BLOG. Note the way he writes "For" and "Best wishes" both rushed and unrushed. Typical salutations are "Best Wishes", "With thanks" and  pre 1975, "love"