Evaluation/Help/Guidance - David Bowie Autograph



If you need a valuation price for your David Bowie autograph (s), I am happy to  give you a market value at today's prices via email.

This can assist the seller when setting reserve or minimum prices at auctions (traditional or online) or selling privately.

There is no charge for this service.



The gallery is to assist you distinguish what a genuine David Bowie autograph looks like. If you're buying a Bowie autograph and are not 100% if its genuine, I give two appraisals:

a. Highly unlikely to be a David Bowie signed item

b. Very likely to be genuine

(Along with  the reasons why)

40 years experience in collecting and trading just one artist - David Bowie

There is no charge for this service



If you have bought a fake piece of Bowie signed memorabilia, I can offer you clear cut guidance on how to pursue getting your money back from the seller.

Trading Standards in the UK and  the Federal Trade Commission in the US are taking a harder line on autograph scammers. I can help you with an intelligently worded letter that works...

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