Serial Fakers of Bowie's autograph


They have churned out thousands of autographs over the last 15 years

This page is designed to show you the styles of continual forgers who've  been auctioning "David Bowie Signed" items of memorabilia for several years .The majority are based in the United States along with a few in Europe and Australasia. Set prices start at $700 to a staggering $5000+.  

Some are very convincing...

They fool the appraisers of  auction houses who leave it down to the discretion of the buyer to ensure authenticity. 

 Ebay, (despite  saying they want to protect their customers) seemingly  have a  zero refusal policy and therefore, this is generally the forgers preferred selling market place.  The site sells up to 95% forgeries of David Bowie's autographs amongst their inventory at any given time,  which is totally unacceptable. In any other business arena,  it would be a scandal and legally closed down.

When challenged about the authenticity, most sellers become aggressive.

Sellers of fake memorabilia are the same sort of characters that tout tickets outside of an event. Street hustlers who want any easy life and easy money and don't have a moral bone in their body.  They hate being challenged and they will ensure that anyone that questions their legitimacy will get a hard, difficult and generally aggressive time unless an arbiter (usually via the law) steps in to help the buyer.

Fake doesn't necessarily mean "cheap"...

Bowie's signature has risen dramatically in price in the last 3 years. The forgers know this and are exploiting his good name and star status to the full as you will see below.

See below the wort serial offenders

These are the styles of fake autograph that come up time and time again. Many appear on "premium" memorabilia websites in the US,  many of these fakes appear at auction houses across the world at "Estimated Values" in excess of $1500. One common factor is they are ALL fake. The majority are now in 3rd party sellers hands, of course these "experts" are 100% convinced as to their authenticity.

Each forger below has sold 100's of fakes each  over the last few years and therefore have conned 1000's of people.  

Look at the styles, notice the way they are written, and learn to avoid these particular mass forgers. They can cost a fortune, but are totally worthless.