Great Rock n Roll Swindle


Everything is NOT "Hunky Dory"

This is the sad story of a well known Bowie forger who sells his/her Bowie forgeries via auction houses. The point that they get past the "in house expert" is bad enough, but the fact they are commanding over £2000 before buyers premium and VAT is a travesty. If I knew their name, I would gladly publish it.

Have a look at the gallery below which shows their ""fully signed" Hunky Dory recently selling for £2000 plus 26.4% fees

Judge for yourself how poor the copied autographs are...

Sadly, the buyer who ended up paying a total of over £2500 did not have this to compare with when they parted with their hard earned cash

Other LP's this conman has churned out...

include more Hunky Dory's Pin Ups, Space Oddity, David Live and Ziggy Stardust