Close but no cigar

The fake Pin Ups


This particular UK forger has churned many 1970's signed covers - they have improved their technique recently and unsuspecting bidders have parted with up to £2000/$2500 for this fakery

Another fake Pin Ups

Genuine Twiggy

A genuine Twiggy but a dud Bowie from an American rock memorabilia site which currently  has many Bowie LPs signed by the same person... who is not David Bowie. Beware buying any LP "signed" in this style



Not the worst forgery out there and likely to fool many, this right-hander clearly didn't feel confident (like the Pin Ups next to it) of adding the year. The numbers can help determine if in doubt.

Aladdin Shame


Clever forgery ("For Mike" is very good) copied from several Bowie signed for a BBC producer. It falls over on the "best wishes", autograph and date. Hard to spot unless you seek opinion first though.

Let's Dunce


Again not a bad attempt and a reasonable effort at the open B style Bowie signed when not in a rush. However, the base of the B curls too far back, the flow at the end of the O never finished like this and the numbers are all way out

Serial forger


This person has churned out 100's of drum heads, A4 sheets  and album covers all signed by Bowie, Ronson, Ian Hunter and Iggy Pop. Sadly they are all pretty good efforts, particularly the Mick Ronson.

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