Lower than Low...


Absolute Beginners £2250

To the left is the rear cover of the Absolute Beginners Soundtrack - here's a bit of the description according to the seller:

DAVID BOWIE signed Absolute Beginners OST soundtrack vinyl LP. Beginners...presented here SIGNED and inscribed to the back sleeve by David Bowie as shown. Bowie has written "absolute beginners - David Bowie" This is not a preprint or reproduction.This is a very rare original signature by hand from one of the most famous pop acts of all time...  

A really stunning item to find. Highly collectable and a surefired investment. A fine example of a rare DAVID BOWIE autograph. SIGNED BY DAVID BOWIE IN PEN TO THE REAR SLEEVE AS SHOWN. A hard title of David Bowie to find signed in such nice overall condition. 100% authenticity. 


The Absolute Beginners LP shown above is one of the worst forgeries of Bowie's signature and handwriting I have ever seen. The scribble on it actually devalues the LP which is worth about £10 in mint condition. It is left on their site in the hope that some poor mug will come along one day and buy it...£2250 

In addition they are advertising 16 other "signed" Bowie CD's or LP' that again are incredibly poor fakes. I genuinely still do not understand how they are getting away with this?

Ain't got room for charity...

Charity fund raisers are BIG events nowadays and an affluent audience after a good dinner and a few bottles of wine can raise tens of thousands at charity auctions.

I remember going to a sports dinner in rural Gloucestershire a few years ago and seeing signed and framed albums by the Who, the Eagles and Led Zeppelin at amazing starting prices in  possibly the least likely place in the UK to come across this type of memorabilia. 

Googling their signatures on my phone showed they were not even close to the real thing.

The Who album went for £800, the Eagles for over £1000 and the Led Zep for over £2000.

I asked the charity organisers what the deal was with the memorabilia company.  They told me they take the first £500 of the sale and the rest goes to the charity - the memorabilia supplier also acted as the auctioneer. £1500 (less say £200 for the framing, vinyl and a sharpie) made it a very profitable evening for him. 

To be fair, how would the elderly organisers of the local hospice have a clue what was a genuine Glenn Frey or Roger Daltrey - after all, this guy was handing them over £2300 for the sale of 3 LPs?

It's a worldwide problem that memorabilia buyers need to be aware of as well including the now highly valuable autograph of David Bowie, here's an interesting US story and video of the scandal that runs into millions a year:


How the other must see the faker...

David Bowie signed a few guitars for his favourite charities and for special contacts/prizes etc over the years but by all accounts he was NOT a prolific signer of guitars. Below are pictured some of the worst offenders (and their prices) alongside some genuine David Bowie Autograph guitars.

The fakes are generally signed on very cheap guitars - Bowie was known for gifting and signing his personally favoured guitars (Gibson, Takamine, Fender Strat, Dan Armstrong, Harptone) and occasionally, his very own used guitars. The value of a David Bowie signed guitar with gilt edged provenance is around £7000/$10,000 USD. A Bowie signed and played guitar is worth upwards of £25,000/$33,000 USD.

Probably the most desirable of Bowie memorabilia to hang on a collectors wall (they are large and draw more attention than an LP), a genuine Bowie signed guitar is a very coveted piece of memorabilia, as reflected at prices  now generated at traditional auction houses.

Buyer - Beware.