This site was set up to help people to either determine if the Bowie autograph (s) they owned is/are genuine or fake as well as for people who are considering investing in a Bowie autograph. I will gladly continue to help out in anyway possible to try and stop fraudsters ripping you off!

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 'I was referred to davidbowieautograph.com by a friend to help validate a piece of memorabilia I purchased at auction. Andy's analysis immediately identified the item as a forgery and his help, advice and insightful articles helped me secure a full refund. 

This site is a must for anyone seeking a definitive opinion on David Bowie's autograph.'

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"Thanks so much, as you know I had already parted with £900 on the signed Heroes sleeve and  I luckily came across your fantastic site  via google when the purchase was still within the Paypal guarantee. Your email ensured I got my money back from Paypal and I am more grateful than I can express for your knowledge, help and friendly emails!"



 "In closing Andy, thank you so much for your valuable site, it truly must be a labor of love (sometimes maybe more labor than love?) I just drool over some of those 77-79 signatures, as that’s my favorite period….that “Heroes” LP cover is just to die for !"



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