Secretarial David Bowie signatures

Ken Pitt


Bowie's 3nd manager and the first one to secure an album deal for him. This brought a limited amount of fan mail which Ken signed on his behalf when DB wasnt around - this one from 1967

Another Ken Pitt


This time signed on an index card

Bowie's actual 1967 signature


Bowie's real autograph was developing but he stayed with this style up until 1972. Typical downward slope from left to right - writing  partially joined together with an underline score on Bowie. He never used the star symbol above the "i".

Cherry Vanilla 1972/74



Bowie's PR lady at Mainman between 1972 and 74. His fame meant he could not physically respond to the mountain of mail he received - so Cherry wrote the letter and did the David Bowie signature on his behalf. This one was from 1973

Another Cherry Vanilla



Cherry also ghosted the David Bowie Mirabelle diaries on David's behalf. Mirabelle was a UK teenage girls pop magazine focussing on the stars of the 70's (Bowie, Bolan, The Osmonds, David Cassidy etc)

Bowie's actual 1973 signature


The 1973 autograph is far more confident and flowing having established himself, urgency saw the B co-joining the o and w.