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What this site is designed to do...

Primarily to show any interested party how much David Bowie's autograph changed between 1963 and his death in 2016. By including over a thousand genuine Bowie examples, this site illustrates how his signature could vary vastly  - sometimes within a matter of minutes. 

The site has over 1000 examples of genuine  David Bowie hand written samples and in the blog section, many examples of his hand writing via lyrics and personal letters in addition to some of his unpublished art, sketches and signed LP's.

As Bowie's autograph becomes an asset (as it has done since January 2016, increasing in value by up to 300%) there has been a significant uplift in people exploiting his signature with fakes ranging from the very credible to the outright ridiculous. 

My last evaluation of a global auction website showed that of the 837 Bowie autographs that were being offered for sale on the UK and US editions of the site, only 20 were genuine, the rest of the signatures having been signed by A.Forger Esq... 

My thanks to Mark G, Dave L (ex RCA) Ed S , Steve V (ex Virgin) and Bob.

This site wouldn't be as interesting without the kindness of like minded people who share their genuine items of memorabilia signed by the great man - in this case I am talking about Peter F for his generosity and willingness to share his huge collection, he is a genuine Starman.

Special thanks to Eric Keith Longo - a gentleman with the sharpest eye out there...


Why did Bowie's autograph change so much?

1963-65 - Davie Jones

1963- Sept 65 : signed as Davie Jones 

1965- 1972:  signed as David Bowie

1965-72 - David Bowie

David signed his full name up until 1972  when his fame exploded with Ziggy Stardust - he was signing thousands more autographs as a result of his new found success.

1972-76 - Bowie

When possible he would sign his full name - he dropped David altogether at the end of 1973 (with the rare exception) - from then on it was just Bowie and he added the year signed from 1974.

1976-2015 - Bo

When asked why he abbreviated his autograph to just two letters, he explained it was easier due to the many oil paintings he was churning out in 1976. From then until 2015 it would be just Bo, with the year of signing, again with rare exceptions such as when he signed letters or contracts.